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Senator Martin Responds To Governor Wolf’s Budget Plan

February 06, 2018
Senator Scott Martin (R-13) raised concerns about the growth in state spending and the new taxes proposed by Governor Wolf today during his annual budget address.     [Read More]

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OpEd: Down Syndrome Should Not Be a Death Sentence

February 06, 2018
OpEd: Down Syndrome Should Not Be a Death Sentence     [Read More]

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Senator Martin introduces his student shadow, Jordyn Ney, a junior at Lancaster Catholic High School

January 22, 2018
Senator Martin introduces his student shadow, Jordyn Ney, a junior at Lancaster Catholic High School     [Read More]

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Nomination of Senator Joe Scarnati for Senate President Pro Tempore

January 02, 2018
Senator Scott Martin seconds the nomination of Senator Joe Scarnati to continue to serve as Senate President Pro Tempore, the third-highest ranking elected official in the Commonwealth.     [Read More]

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Increasing Penalties for Vehicular Homicide While DUI

December 13, 2017
During a Senate Transportation Committee meeting, Senator Scott Martin speaks in support of Senate Bill 961, legislation that would increase the penalties for someone convicted of vehicular homicide while DUI that has also had prior offenses for DUI.     [Read More]

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Penn Manor High School Field Hockey Team

December 12, 2017
Senator Martin introduces the Penn Manor HS field hockey team, winners of the 2017 PIAA Class 3A state championship and national champions.     [Read More]

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Senate Honors Wreaths Across America

December 12, 2017
The Senate today adopted a Resolution introduced by Senator Randy Vulakovich designating December 16, 2017, as “Wreaths Across America Day” in Pennsylvania. Listen Listen     [Read More]

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November 14, 2017
Today I had the honor of introducing Angel Pagan on the Senate Floor.     [Read More]

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World Diabetes Day

November 13, 2017
The Senate unanimously passed Senate Resolution No. 239 recognizing November 14, 2017 as World Diabetes Day in Pennsylvania.     [Read More]

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Constitutional Amendment Question on the Ballot

November 01, 2017
Senator Martin highlights the importance of the Constitutional Amendment question on the ballot for the November 7th general election     [Read More]

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Vietnam Veteran’s Commemorative Ceremony Video

October 21, 2017
The Lancaster County State Legislative Delegation hosted a commemorative ceremony honoring Vietnam War Era Veterans.     [Read More]

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Senate Passes Legislation to Improve Disabled Parking Access

October 17, 2017
The Senate unanimously approved legislation today to improve accessibility and strengthen enforcement measures of parking spaces for persons with disabilities, according to the bill’s sponsors, Senators John C. Rafferty, Jr. (R-44) and Scott Martin (R-13). Senator Rafferty Audio Senator Martin Audio       [Read More]

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Statewide Video Competition Engages PA Students in Fight Against Opioids

October 10, 2017
Senator Ryan Aument (R-36) and Senator Scott Martin (R-13) are urging Pennsylvania middle and high school students to help find solutions to the growing heroin and opioid epidemic facing the state by producing a video aimed at focusing greater awareness on the crisis.     [Read More]

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Lawmakers, Family Groups Stand Up Against Abortion of Babies with Down Syndrome

September 19, 2017
Lawmakers and advocates gathered in Harrisburg today to rally in support of a resolution sponsored by Senator Scott Martin (R-13) that condemns the practice of selective abortion of babies with Down syndrome.     [Read More]

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Op-Ed explaining SB 811

September 18, 2017
Op-Ed explaining SB 811, which prohibits government entities from using Project Labor Agreements (PLA) and only issuing union contracts     [Read More]

Martin, Rafferty Announce Legislation to Improve Disabled Parking Access

September 14, 2017
Senators Scott Martin (R-13) and John C. Rafferty, Jr. (R-44) announced legislation today designed to improve accessibility of parking spaces for persons with disabilities. Listen   [Read More]

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Lancaster County Property Tax Hearing

September 07, 2017
At the request of Senators Martin and Aument, the Senate Majority Policy Committee held a hearing in Lancaster County to explore alternatives to the current property tax system, including legislation that would permanently eliminate property taxes statewide.   [Read More]

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Alternative Solutions to our Existing School Property Tax System

August 29, 2017
Senate Majority Policy - August 30, 2017     [Read More]

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Lawmakers, Advocates Outline PA’s New DUI Ignition Interlock Law

August 24, 2017
At a news conference in Harrisburg, Senator John C. Rafferty, Jr., (R-44) joined lawmakers, law enforcement, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Parents Against Impaired Driving, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and other advocacy groups to discuss the impact and implementation of Pennsylvania’s new ignition interlock law to further strengthen Pennsylvania’s Driving Under the Influence (DUI) laws.     [Read More]

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Comments from Senator Martin at Press Conference announcing Pennsylvania’s new ignition interlock law aimed to strengthen the state’s DUI laws.

August 24, 2017
Act 33 of 2017 becomes effective on August 25, 2017 and requires first-time DUI Offenders with an illegal Blood Alcohol Level Content of 0.10 percent of higher to use ignition interlocks for at least 12 months.   [Read More]

Martin Proposes Sales Tax Exemption for Volunteer Fire Company Fundraisers

August 22, 2017
Senator Scott Martin (R-13) will introduce a bill soon that would exempt volunteer fire companies from paying sales tax on food and beverages sold during fundraising events. Listen   [Read More]

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Blight/Revitalization Issues Roundtable

August 11, 2017
Senate Majority Policy Committee - August 14, 2017     [Read More]

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Education Savings Accounts Legislation

August 08, 2017
Senator John DiSanto together with Senators Scott Martin and Mike Regan are joined by parents, students, education advocates and community leaders to announce new legislation to establish Education Savings Accounts in low-achieving schools at a press conference at Joshua Learning Center in Harrisburg.     [Read More]

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Floor Remarks – Senate Bill 383 (School Safety Bill)

June 29, 2017
  The Senate passed SB 383, the School Safety Bill. I believe this bill gives options for emergency preparedness planning, especially in rural districts that have long police response times. Here are my remarks from the floor.   [Read More]

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Op-Ed: Wolf’s State Police Tax Discriminates Against Rural Pennsylvanians

June 08, 2017
Let’s start by getting one thing straight: State Police coverage is not free for anyone in Pennsylvania.     [Read More]

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Statewide Radio System

June 08, 2017
Senator Scott Martin questions Major Diane Stackhouse, Bureau of Communications & Information Services, Pennsylvania State Police, about the statewide radio system during a joint hearing of the the Senate Communications & Technology Committee, the Senate Law & Justice Committee, and the Senate Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness Committee.     [Read More]

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State Police Coverage Fees

June 08, 2017
At a hearing of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Infrastructure, Environment and Government Operations on the Governor’s proposed municipal fee for State Police coverage, Senator Scott Martin questions the panel of testifiers.     [Read More]

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Amendment to SB 522 (Consolidation of Corrections and Probation & Parole)

May 25, 2017
Note: My amendment to name the new department the Department of Corrections passed with a unanimous vote and will save millions in tax dollars. SB 522 passed out of the Senate on May 24, 2017.     [Read More]